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For those who’ve served our country in the Armed Forces, Congress has passed laws that provide for extensive medical and disability benefits. Our representatives wrote these laws to be “Veteran-friendly.” Unfortunately, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs does not always interpret these laws in favor of the Veteran.

Service Connected Disability Compensation Benefits

VA service connected disability compensation benefits are monthly payments made to Veterans, and in some cases their families. The Veteran is entitled to compensation when he can show that this disability is related to an injury or event that occurred during their military service. The disability payments, known as the disability rating, are based on the degree of the current disability. A Veteran does not have to be completely disabled to receive compensation benefits.

Non-Service Connected Pension Benefits

For servicemen and women who served in a period of war, the VA law allows non-service connected pension benefits, regardless of whether the disability was inflicted in service. This benefit is income and asset-tested and only applies to those wartime Veterans who do not have significant income and assets, and are completely disabled.

Widows and widowers of deceased Veterans may also be entitled to payments based on a disability of their spouse. The VA law provides for a monthly payment, known as DIC benefits, where a service-connected condition contributed to the death of the Veteran or where the Veteran was totally disabled because of a service-connected condition for a certain period of time before their death.

Elder Law Advocates can assist you in navigating the Veterans benefits you or your loved one are entitled to receive.  Please contact our office at 270-265-2912 to schedule an appointment.

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