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The purpose of Medicaid planning is to preserve a lifetime of savings from the high cost of nursing home care.

Most people believe they’ll never need nursing home care and many assume that if they do, the government will pay the costs. The reality is that we need to face the possible inevitability of the need for long term care. While advances in medicine allow more complex medical services to be provided at home, there are some situations that need continuous attention in well-staffed and highly equipped facilities. As we age we become more and more likely to need skilled medical care.

Care from nursing home facilities can easily exceed $100,000 per year and the majority of these payments will come from the family, unless they plan ahead to ensure Medicaid asset protection.Medicaid rules allow for nursing home residents to preserve assets for themselves, their spouses, children, and grandchildren. Planning ahead will allow more options, but even at the last minute there are almost always steps available to preserve some assets. Contact our office to learn how we can help.

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